Hi lo is a method of counting cards, usually used in blackjack. It involves assigning a point value to each rank of card and keeping a running dragon tiger casino online count of whether the value is higher or lower as cards are dealt. It is a strategy used by players to try and gain an advantage.

  • The main advantages of this online casino game are high winning chances, dynamic gameplay and various card game bonuses.
  • Laws pertaining to online gambling vary between countries and states.
  • With additional ways to bet, there is plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained while playing on this game.
  • This makes it easy for you to enjoy your card games high low especially at your convenience.
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Ever since, the system became highly effective for those players who enjoy card games, and it became a popular choice. The tips we have listed will ensure you give yourself the optimal playing experience. Savvy casino players are always on the lookout for strategies to help improve their odds. We will delve into playing strategies and systems in the following section. Next to each bet button are two figures – basically the win and the odds of guessing right.

High Low Card Games – Top Online Variations

Especially as the game uses eight decks to throw counters off. You may be tempted to try card counting or some other similar strategy, but it won’t work. The Hash-based cryptographic verification technology we use ensures that the outcome of the games is completely random. After the end of each game, players are given the opportunity to confirm the randomness of the results. During gameplay, you can interact with other Hilo players via the game chat on the right of the screen. Players often share their recent results and tips, which makes playing at Metaspins fun.

We cannot ignore the fact that Hi-Lo explored the emergence of the first-ever online casinos, which were perfect backdrops to countless variants and themes. All of these maintained the same basic concept of the next card in a deck being higher or lower than the previous one. Its online presence has made it incredibly accessible, with practically every online casino offering some form of Hi-Lo.

How to Play Hi-Lo?

For example, if the card showing is a 7, a Tie Bet wins if the next card dealt is also a 7. Tie bets generally have higher payouts since they are less likely to occur. The game is essentially a live stream (hence “Live”) of a Dealer dispensing cards as one would in a normal game.

It’s similar to playing the lottery or bingo – you cannot affect the outcome of a game. The house edge Is around 3.55%, which isn’t so bad and much more favorable than other lottery-like games. There are thousands of jurisdictions worldwide with access to the internet.

This can lead to confident betting, and calling, but it’s not uncommon for multiple players to be holding that unbeatable combination. As draws are more common and more powerful, being able to bet large amounts to discourage players from drawing to stronger hands is a useful weapon in your arsenal. This is much less effective in limit games, where the amount you can bet is severely restricted.

Although Hi Lo Premium is not a blackjack variant, it is still one of the most exciting games to play online. It has incredibly simple rules to play, requiring players to only guess if a card will be higher or lower than the previous one. If you want to play blackjack, you may want to freshen up your knowledge of the game, reading up on the basic blackjack rules of the game. We are the world’s premier independent reviewer of online casinos and a casino player forum. Casino Listings is an informational and editorial resource, featuring reviews of casinos, games, and bonuses, along with the latest industry news. We are not a casino and no gambling takes place on this site.

Explore the best online TV game casinos based on the expert rankings and reviews of our experts in the business. While jackpots in Hi-Lo are relatively less common than in conventional casino games such as slots, you can still find plenty of them around. Remember that each jackpot has unique winning requirements that differ from title to title. The most thrilling version of Hi-Lo that features an incredible progressive jackpot. The latter increases with each placed wager and dishes its winnings out to a lucky punter.